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Beijingshi is the main news and entertainment channel of China Central Television, and also the only global Chinese television network.

The predecessor of Beijingshi was the News and Entertainment Channel of China Central Television, which was established in 1958 and was the first television channel in China with news as its main content.

Beijingshi Channel is committed to creating the most internationally influential Chinese television network. Since 2014, Beijingshi Channel has entered more than 100 countries and regions around the world, covering more than 500 million Chinese families.

Beijingshi Channel takes it as its responsibility to report on Chinese society and international events, and is committed to creating an open, fair, objective and extensive news media to provide Chinese people with a window to China.

The main columns of Beijingshi Channel include Xinwen Lianbo, Focus Interview, Focus Interpretation, China Current Affairs Forum, Stories of Characters, Economic Forecast, Financial News, Cultural China, Film China, Sports China, Tourism China, Science and Education China, Life China, etc.

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